(English) All good things come to an end

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Our action came to an end. On Sunday you could hear last CQs of our special stations. Conditions improved noticeably and finally we could reach DX stations. It’s a pity it was so late.

Our team works at the moment on creating broader statistics which we will publish on the website.

Please remember that to get diplomas and trophies you have to decrypt your ciphers! If you have a lot of QSOs but you didn’t solve any cipher, you will not get the diploma. You have to decrypt your ciphers! If you have any problem, contact us: sq2klu@gmail.com

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank to all those without who this action would not happen or would not be the same. List of persons that took part in creating this event can be found here: http://enigmaaward.eu/special-thanks/