Your QSL card is important for us!
We plan to make an exhibition of received QSL cards so if you can, please send us your QSL card!

Our QSL policy (how to get a QSL card from us):

You can receive QSL cards for contacts with special stations in a few different ways. We prefer OQRS. In OQRS system you can choose Beauro or direct delivery. In case of direct delivery, you have to cover the postage fee.


  1. OQRS – using the OQRS system on this website order the QSL card and send us your QSL card via Bureau.
  2. Biuro (via SQ2KLU) – send us your QSL card via Bureau and we’ll send you our QSL the same way.
  3. Direct – send your QSL card to the address provided below. Do not forget to include self addressed stamped envelope “SASE” (for polish stations) or proper amount of $ or € (for foreign stations). Please use the information provided below to figure out the necessary amount.

Address for sending QSLs (direct):

“Enigma Award”
P.O. Box 37
85-950 Bydgoszcz 1

What amount should I attach ?

Cards will be issued separately for every station. One QSL card will hold up to 5 QSOs. Up to 10 cards will fit into envelope. Postage fee for one envelope is 2 $ or €. Please take that into consideration and calculate the number of cards which you will get from us. If you’ll use the OQRS system, it will do it for you.

Your callsign: