We would like to thank to all people who joined our action and helped, especially:

Janina Sylwestrzak – Marian Rejewski’s daughter
Sir John Dermot Turing Bt – Alana Turing’s nephew
LtCol Jerzy Lelwic – custodian of the Military Land Forces Museum

Lourdes Rey Cascallar – Spanish translation
Thomas Linder DL2RUM – correction of German translation
Lothar Makkens DL1SBF – correction of German translation
Grzegorz Błoński-Kubiak SQ2RBY – English translation of the biography
Bruno Grassi IK1WVG – Italian translation

Historical background:
Michalina Grzonkowska – Marian Rejewski biography
LtCol Jerzy Lelwic – support

Krzysztof Joachimiak SQ2JK – photographies used on the website
Sławek Kubiński SQ2HCZ – photographies used on the website, video materials
Beny SQ2PVB – video material
Tom Perera W1TP [http://www.enigmamuseum.com/] – pictures of Enigma used for Enigma simulator
Paul Reuvers PE1BXL [http://www.cryptomuseum.com/] – pictures of Enigma used for QSL cards