“Enigma” Award

  1. The special event is organized by the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) and the direct patronage of the event is held by Bydgoszcz local branch of PZK. The project is co-financed by city of Bydgoszcz. Persons that initiated and are responsible for the event:
    • Krzysztof SQ2JK
    • Daniel SQ2KLU
  2. This event’s goal is to honor Marian Rejewski, whose successes in cracking Enigma cipher changed course of events during World War II
  3. The event will take place from August 14th to August 30th 2015. The end date is subject to change. Information about possible change of the end date will show up at appropriate time on the event website.
  4. We invite all ham radio operators and SWLs from all over the world to participate in the event.
  5. The following special calls will be used during this event:
    • SN0LEAK
  6. Special-event stations will operate on all bands from 80 m to 10 m, including WARC bands.
  7. Special-event stations will use the following modes:
    • CW
    • Phone
    • DIGI (all digital modes despite of type count as one)
  8. All information necessary to participate in the event will be available on the web site. No such information will be given over the air.
  9. For QSOs with SN0CIPHER station, operator receives a cryptogram, which he has to decode. This station will give a new cryptogram for each QSO on new band or new mode. Cryptograms will automatically show up on the website of event.
  10. For QSOs with SN1ENIGMA, SN2ENIGMA and SN3ENIGMA stations, operator receives the decryption data necessary to decode the cryptogram. In order to decode one cryptogram it is necessary to make QSO with all three stations with the ENIGMA suffix. In order to receive more decryption data, QSO can be repeated on a different band or different mode, i.e. operator that has already a QSO on 20m CW with SN1ENIGMA station, can repeat it only on different band or different mode.
  11. The special station SN0LEAK will work only 3 days during the event without providing exact times. The station will call CQ as long as it will not be added to DX Cluster. At the moment of showing up on the DX Cluster, the station will announce QRT for 30 minutes after which it will start calling CQ again on a different band or different mode. For QSO with the SN0LEAK station operator receives all necessary data to decode the first not fully decoded cryptogram. Only one cryptogram can be decoded this way. Repeated QSOs will not count for the award.
  12. The same rules apply to SWLs. In order for SWL report to be accepted, the calls of both correspondents must agree with the log of special station and the time of QSO cannot differ by more than 3 minutes.
  13. All information on the web site will show up after the uploading of special stations logs. Logs will be uploaded at least once a day after all stations finish their work.
  14. SWLs must upload their logs in Cabrillo format using the website of the event. Logs must be fully consistent with Cabrillo format. Logs can be uploaded up to one week after the event is finished. After that point uploading of logs will not be possible anymore.
  15. Using decryption data and the website of the event operators must decode all received cryptograms.
  16. The operator who will receive and correctly decode at least 3 cryptograms will be rewarded with a diploma, which can be downloaded from the event web site, containing call sign and the name of operator as well as number of decoded cryptograms. The diploma will also contain the place taken by operator in general classification. General classification will be held separately for ham radio operators from Poland, Europe, rest of the World and SWLs despite of location. The diploma will contain a signature of the daughter of Marian Rejewski – Janina Sylwestrzak.
  17. Nine operators and three SWLs who will manage to decode the highest amount of cryptograms in the least amount of time will receive a reward – a Trophy with the representation of Enigma machine. The Trophy will include the call sign of operator / SWL. Three Trophies will be assigned to operators form Poland, Europe (except Poland), rest of the World and SWLs despite of their location. In order to receive the reward operator does not need to decode all cryptograms, but the highest amount of them in the least amount of time. If a few operators will manage to decode all cryptograms or the same amount of cryptograms, the time in which they managed to do it will decide their place in general classification.
  18. Diplomas will be available for download after the event finishes from the web site of the event. Rewards will ship when the event finishes.
  19. Organizer reserves a right to take final decisions and settle untypical situations not covered by regulations. Decisions of organizer are not subject to appeal.